Thursday, 12 August 2010

Le Pigeon Rose

We had a phone call from Michael, one of the artists who appeared on our programme showing us some painting techniques and he has suffered a stroke. This has left him in a bad way and he is unable to carry on with the business as it is too much work for Paul, his partner, to carry on by himself. So we have agreed to take on their stock so that they can close down their workshop.

We felt absolutely awful going through the stock with them because we know what it feels like to have sell off everything. Imagine building up a business over the years then having to give up what you enjoy doing through ill health, it must be awful.
Anyway the upshot is we now have their stock on display in our shop, which gives Dazzle a bit of a breather as it is a hard slog trying to replace the furniture that sells

So I suppose the good part is that Michael and Paul can give up their workshop (which they are anxious to do), Le Pigeon Rose continues on through us, and we have some finished furniture to go straight on the shop floor.

It's still sad though.

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