Friday, 13 August 2010

The Dresser

Dazzle had just arrived with stock from Le Pigeon Rose and I was eagily awaiting the arrival of the huge dresser which I had fallen in love with (Dazzle eat your heart out). Anyway I was serving a customer and she suddenly asked if we had any big dressers so I replied,
"There's one coming through the door any moment now but it is really big", thinking that she only wanted a little bigger (some customers have no concept of size). But she thought it might be ok so Dazzle happily measured the piece and gave her the price so she could tell her husband.
Anyway 2 hours later she came back and bought it. My lovely huge dresser. Dazzle was over the moon it went so quickly but I was decidedly under it!

It went so quickly I don't even have a photo.

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