Thursday, 2 September 2010

Spider and the Fly

1st Day
I was sitting in the bathroom putting on my warpaint in front of a mirror with a window behind when I suddenly caught site of something crawling up the window frame. I turned my head to look and immediately it stopped. It was a really big fly and we just eyeballed each other neither of us moving. It was a Kafka-ish moment. I reached out towards the fly (about 15cm) to grab a makeup brush and still it didn't move, it was as if it thought it was invisible if it kept very still.

To the right of the window was a small spider, whose web stretched across the glass next to the fly, who also kept very still.

The fly gradually gained confidence that I wasn't going to swat it and started to walk up around the window to the other side avoiding the web. The spider kept very still. Then the fly half fluttered across the window back to the other side when the spider suddenly leapt right out from the window to catch the big juicy fly midflight. It missed.

Day 2
The fly is now on the frame by the next window pane and there is a tiny spider, same as the other one but much smaller - did it breed in the night?, making it's web across the pane of glass so that both panes had webs on. Again the fly managed to manouver its way around the window without getting caught. Stalemate.

Day 3
Two spiders but no fly.
Did the spider get the fly?
Did the fly escape the bathroom, it couldn't really fly?
Is the fly laying dead in the bathroom somewhere? Couldn't see it anywhere.
I must say I was curious how it would end given that the predator was smaller than the target.
I don't like it when you have to make up your own ending, I like conclusion. I think most people like a conclusion to the various happenings in their lives, a sort of laying to rest.

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